Rentec Direct Helps Property Managers Meet New 1099-MISC Tax Deadline

Rentec Direct offers the best way for property managers to submit 1099 tax forms online “E-filing 1099-MISC tax documents directly through Rentec Direct’s property management software saves our clients time and money,” explains Rentec Direct’s president, Nathan Miller. Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) January 19, 2017 To assist property managers with preparing 1099-MISC forms, Rentec

A new theory may finally explain fabled ‘fairy circles’

Scientists are always crashing the party when they bring the likeliest but often mundane reasons for mysterious phenomena. Such is the case in Namibia, where so-called “fairy circles” that pockmark the desert are now being explained in the journal Nature as not the footprints of gods or poisoned patches of dragon breath (both popular stories)